I have some advice for any agent looking to start off strong in 2021.


You may be talking with some prospects who are interested in selling in the spring, summer, or “later in the year”. What can you do right now for those sellers?

First, let’s talk about what you should NOT do. You shouldn’t wait until they call you “later in the year” or “when their ready” to go look at their home. I’d try to set up an appointment now so you can walk through the home, build some rapport with them, and get a better idea of what you’re potentially working with. You want to be likable and offer value. As the great Daniel Kahneman said, “People would rather do business with someone they like rather than someone they don’t, even if that likable person is offering a lower-quality product or service at a higher price.”

If you go and build that rapport now and are able to notice some deferred maintenance and other items that will help net the seller more money, they’ll be able to plan in advance to spruce up their home and won’t be rushed when it comes time to sell.

If I were you, I’d create some Facebook Live videos, YouTube videos, and have one on one conversations with your database of people you know, like, and trust with this message: “If you’re thinking about selling this year or next, now is the time to meet with an agent to determine what needs to be done and how you can position your home more effectively to the buyers to help you sell for more money. I’d love to meet with you to evaluate and give some expert advice based on market research of what todays buyers are looking for. By the way, not all real estate agents operate equally; the vast majority don’t sell any homes at all. No pressure, no hassle, but I can give you a list of things you can do to prepare now.” 

If you build that rapport now, you will have a higher probability they hire you.  They’ll also be able to plan more in advance.

You can communicate this message through many different mediums, from Facebook to email, to text,  to the in-person conversations you’re having.

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Michael LaFido
Founder & CEO | Luxury Listing Specialist Designation (LUXE)

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