Luxury Listing Specialist Designation
Luxury Listing Specialist (LUXE) is a 16 module, self-paced online learning experience featuring pre-recorded videos and can be conveniently accessed on any laptop or mobile device with an internet connection. The course includes downloadable worksheets, interactive quizzes, and extensive training material to develop competency in selling to the luxury market. You’ll also get free updates and upgrades to the course for 12 months.

When you complete the program, you will receive a digital printable certificate suitable for framing, you will be able to leverage the LUXE logo on your website, email signature, LinkedIn profile and social media platforms. You will also attract more high-end and luxury clients with status and recognition as a Certified Luxury Listing Specialist.
+ Module 1: Luxury 101
Welcome to the Luxury Listing Specialist certification. Defining luxury can be difficult. In module 1, you will learn the definition of “high end” and “luxury” when it comes to real estate. This lesson also focuses on increasing what you charge and your average sales price.
+ Module 2: Build Your Foundation
In module 2, you will learn the foundational principles to having your best year ever.  From developing a rock solid power business model, to having an iron clad mindset that can’t be easily discouraged,  you will discover the successful habits to model in your own business.
+ Module 3: Luxury Listing Blueprint
A solid marketing foundation is essential in being successful in luxury real estate. In module 3, you will learn how to build your core marketing machine by using the C.L.O.S.E.R. Formula. You will also learn how to develop your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
+ Module 4: Video Marketing Methods
Using videos to sell homes is a great way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. In module 4, you will learn all the tips and tricks required to utilize video to sell homes faster.
+ Module 5: Conversion Systems
In module 5, you will learn how to increase your conversion and identify personality types with DISC. This lesson focuses on customizing your marketing presentations to suit your buyer’s or seller’s personality.
+ Module 6: Pre-Listing Advantage
In module 6, you will learn how to qualify the appointment by asking the right questions and how do we create a positive impression prior to meeting the potential client.  This lesson focuses on teaching you how to differentiate yourself from the competition before the actual appointment.
+ Module 7: Ultimate Listing Presentation
Module 7, shows you how to build rapport, and what to focus on from the time you walk into the house.  Use data and visuals to enhance your message.  Know what makes you different than your competition.  We will also show why it’s important to “stack” the offer so that it is a “no brainer” for a seller to hire you.
+ Module 8: Proactive Selling Formula
Once you have secured the listing, you must gather as much information as possible to emphasize the positive aspects of the property. In this module, you will learn the importance of the the difference between pro-active and reactive selling.  Use the “Coming Soon” blueprint to create excitement and curiosity about the property prior to placing it on the market.
+ Module 9: Staging and Positioning
You only get one chance to make a first impression!  Since most sellers are not able to be objective about their home, it is crucial that you share case study’s, visuals, statistics, along with “before and after” staging photos with the seller.  In module 9, you will learn how to present that data and how to highlight the positive impact that staging will have on the transaction.
+ Module 10: Marketing Your Listing
In Module 10, you will learn the proven marketing strategies that are working in today’s market and best practices will be shared along with plenty of examples, including property websites, print collateral, digital marketing and effective social media marketing.
+ Module 11: Listing to Closing System
Now that you’ve secured the listing, it’s time to develop systems to ensure consistent communication with your clients and consistency in your marketing efforts.  In module 11, you will learn how to create systems, manage sellers expectations, and focus on your client’s motivation during the listing period & entire transaction.
+ Module 12: Showing Luxury Properties
It’s show time! Module 12, helps you to understand what information you need when showing luxury or high-end properties. You will also learn to enhance the property, in a variety of ways, to make the showing an “informational experience.”
+ Module 13: Lifestyle Marketing Method
Marketing higher-end homes today requires much more than just “traditional” pictures and descriptions on the MLS.   In module 13, you will learn how to create your marketing story and leverage your lifestyle marketing to attract more buyers and clients.
+ Module 14: Event Based Marketing
When marketing a higher end home or a luxury home, one of the agents’ goals is to keep the home “top of mind awareness” to buyers agents, buyers,  and the media.  In module 14, you will learn how to create a luxury marketing event that will help position you as the leading authority for higher end homes.
+ Module 15: Press and Public Relations
When marketing higher-end homes, the press can play an intricate role in bringing additional exposure to the marketing of the home. In module 15, we will show you how to attract the media to your property. You will also learn how to develop relationships with both the local and national media.
+ Module 16: Luxury Auctions
In Module 16, learn to become an innovative solution provider for sellers and buyers of high-end luxury properties.The world’s finest art, classic cars, yachts, and antiquities are sold at auction. Why? Because most often they are one-of-a-kind, and pricing these assets can be difficult, if not impossible, using traditional methods. The auction format has been used in the selling of such assets for centuries, giving both sellers and buyers a forum of establishing value based on uniqueness, timing, and competition.
The recognition from LUXE gives you a marketing tactic that helps you differentiate yourself from your competition.
Unlike other Luxury Designations, there are NO previous Luxury Sale requirements for you to complete this training and earn your LUXE Designation. You will learn proven techniques to not only break into the higher end market…but more importantly dominate it!
$1,588 Value for Just $597
The LUXE Designation will help you position yourself above the competition and you will learn how to attract more high end customers versus chasing down the same leads as everybody else.
7 Modules, with Videos, handouts, and more ($597 Value)
7 Modules, with Videos, handouts, and more ($597 Value)
Over 75 Action Steps with valuable information to use in your business today. ($297 Value)

130+ Page Training Manual ($97 Value)
$2,585 Value for Just $1,597
This new designation establishes a minimum set of standards for agents. This program instills the same principles outlined in the books, “Luxury Listing Specialist” and “Marketing Luxury”, and the principals and values taught through Marketing Luxury Group.
7 Modules, with Videos, handouts, and more ($597 Value)
9 Modules with Videos, handouts, templates, and more ($597 Value)
Over 75 Action Steps with valuable information to use in your business today. ($297 Value)

Over 275+ Links to videos, podcasts, listing presentations, listing inserts, and case studies for you to use today ($997 Value)

130+ Page Training Manual ($97 Value)
Choose Your Level
Full Introduction to LUXE
30 Days of Actionable Emails
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Frequently Asked Questions
+ Is there a luxury sales requirement for an agent to become Luxury (LUXE) Certified?
No. We believe in protecting the consumer so if a seller hires an agent that doesn’t have any experience selling luxury, we want to make sure agents have the tools and resources to be successful. If an agent is willing to invest both time and money to better themselves, we will work with them.
+ What if I never sold a high-end property before?
There are no sales requirements to take this course! There is no better time than today to get started!
+ How do I earn the Luxury Listing Specialist Designation?
What you need to do, in order to get this certification is: 1) Sign up for your registration today, 2) Go through the entire program and do all the assignments, 3) Take and Pass the quiz at the end of the training. When you pass, and you will, you’re officially a Certified Luxury Listing Specialist Agent, and you can put this on your business cards, your website, and any other promotional material, that I have vouched that you are the real deal!
+ When does the Course Start and Finish?
After you enroll, you will get instant access to the members area and can start immediately.
+ How Long Do I Have Access to the Course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for 12 months – across any and all devices you own. This includes all updates and upgrades to the course during that time.
+ What if I’m an Agent Outside of the United States, can I still get the LUXE Designation?
Yes, absolutely! While some of the terminology may be a little different, the Luxury Listing Specialist system will work in any real estate market in the world.
+ How Long Does It Take to Finish the Course and Received My Certificate?
This class has over 10 hours of video training, so if you are working at it full time you could technically complete the class in one day.
+ Am I Guaranteed to Get Certified if I Take the Class?
No. A designation that can simply be purchased isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. That’s why our course requires you to pass a final exam.
+ Is there an annual renewal fee for LUXE?
Yes. Do to the fact that each year we update the content in LUXE and add additional features of benefits to LUXE members. Also, to use the LUXE logo, an agent needs to be in good standing
+ If I take the LUXE course online, can I attend a future LUXE LIVE class?
Yes. LUXE members can attend live LUXE classes (locally or outside of their area), however a small fee might apply.
+ What is the difference between the LUXE Live and LUXE Online?
Some agents prefer live trainings and some agents prefer to learn at their own pace. Agents that attend a LUXE LIVE Event or invest in LUXE Online will both receive the same materials and access to LUXE University.
Our Iron-clad, 30 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee
We stand by this program completely and 100% guarantee your success.The Price is small. Even if you just increase your average sales price this year or sell ONE HIGH END HOME in the next 12 months, that will give you more than 10 – 20X your investment.

If you follow all of the action steps, complete the activities, and fulfill your course requirements AND are still not satisfied with the results, I’ll give you a full 100% refund within 30 days of the purchase date.

If you complete all course modules and activities and don’t have undeniable proof that this program is doing absolutely everything I promised on this page, then just send me an email at support@marketingluxurygroup.com and I’ll return your payment in full.

You have 30 days from your date of purchase to do so.

However, I do reserve the right to not let you in this program again, because this is a valuable program and I don’t want to have you take someone else’s space if you aren’t fully committed to becoming a Luxury Listing Specialist.

But financially, you’re completely insured because you have a 100% money back guarantee.