In this week’s message, I’d like to talk about the power of second chances.

In life, people often make mistakes and don’t get a second chance to correct them. Real estate is no different in this regard. For example, a seller may interview you but then choose to work with someone else for whatever reason (other agent told them what they wanted to hear/ discounted their fee/ told them their home was worth more than it is, etc). So how do you stay top of mind with such a client (ethically)

“Keep the door open if you’re not picked the first time, and don’t burn any bridges.”

This recently happened to me. A couple of years ago, I was speaking to a homeowner who was looking to sell their home for $1.1 million, and for whatever reason, they didn’t choose me to help them sell the first time around. After years of failing to sell, they came back to me, and with my advice and guidance, their home is now on track to close. I even referred them to an agent out of state, and they’re in the process of purchasing a $1.5 million property.

That won’t happen for you, however, unless you leave them on good terms. In other words, if they don’t hire you the first time around, leave the door open for them to come back. Remember the key phrase “Keep me in mind if….” Tell them to keep you in mind if:

…the agent they chose doesn’t communicate well
…the only time they hear from their agent is when they want to lower the price
…they simply need to bounce an idea off of you

The trick is also to stay top of mind within your community. For example, if people see a lot of your “sold” signs in people’s yards and the rest of your marketing around the area, they’ll be sure to remember your name. In a previous video, I discussed the reticular activator, the part of your brain that heightens awareness of certain things. If you have a strong marketing presence around the community, it might plant a seed of doubt about having chosen someone else to work with.

Recently I had a buyer contact me about one of the properties I represented. As it turned out, they were a seller who had interviewed with me four years earlier. At the time, the home was worth over $4 million, but it sold for just over $3 million. He hadn’t hired me at the time, but he did remember me. 

The bottom line is to keep the door open if you’re not picked the first time. Don’t burn any bridges, even if you’re inclined to protest, remember to stay positive about other agents in the industry.

If you have any other questions about second chances or staying top of mind with your clientele, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to speak with you.
Michael LaFido
Founder & CEO | Luxury Listing Specialist Designation (LUXE)

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