Here’s how to determine if we’re in a buyer’s, seller’s, or normal market.

What’s the difference between a buyer’s market, balanced market, and seller’s market? As a real estate agent, you need to know the difference between those three markets, and be able to explain the difference to your buyers, sellers, database, and social media.

Let’s first talk about a buyer’s market. Experts define a buyer’s market as a market where there are seven months or more inventory on the market. So in a buyer’s market, homes tend to depreciate, days on the market are long, and there are a lot of price changes before going under contract. 

Meanwhile, a balanced or neutral market is when there are five or six months of inventory, and home prices tend to hold steady. 

“Here’s how to determine if we’re in a buyer’s, seller’s, or normal market.”

A seller’s market is when there are four months or less. In some markets the past two years, you might have had four minutes of inventory in some markets because… before an agent even put a home on the market, they already had multiple offers.  However, markets are shifting and cooling a little bit now. Bottom line, homes tend to appreciate in a seller’s market. 

You might have a seller in the past ask, “How’s the market overall?” Overall it might be a strong market in the average price point price range, but in the luxury price points it might still be in favor of buyers. So even within the same market and town, you might have a sellers market in certain price points and a buyers market for luxury homes. 

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