Are you working with any sellers who are downsizing or selling for the first time in 20+ years?  As an agent, how can you bring value to your clients at this stage of the sale? Many agents struggle during this stage of the sale.. That’s why today, I want to share a sorting system you can inform your clients about to stay in touch with them and provide value, even if they aren't currently selling. 

Here’s how this sorting system works: If you check out 0:35 in the video above, you’ll see a color-coordinated set of symbols. Each one represents a different type of item to the sellers:

Red dot= Stays with us
Blue dot= Take to the lake house
Orange dot= Undecided/storage unit
Yellow dot= Would make someone happy in the family
Green dot= Donate or sell

So for example, items and boxes marked with a red dot are supposed to stay with the family as they move. These are essential items. Meanwhile, items with yellow dots aren’t needed anymore, but they would be great for another family to use. These could be childhood toys or baby items. 

Hopefully, this tip is helpful for you as you try to stay in touch with your database. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to call or email me with any questions. I look forward to hearing from you!

Michael LaFido
Founder & CEO | Luxury Listing Specialist Designation (LUXE)

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