In the dynamic landscape of today's marketplace, establishing yourself as a respected authority is essential. Becoming a reliable source of value not only positions you as a leader but also ensures your lasting impact. So, let's delve into how you can consistently bring value to your audience while carving out your space in the market.

To be recognized as a leading authority, focus on three key pillars: authorship, public speaking, and content provision. These avenues allow you to showcase your expertise and insights, cementing your position in the minds of your audience.

While establishing your authority is vital, it's equally important to reach the widest possible audience and provide them with valuable content. Think about the ‘money mailers’ or ‘coupon books’ you receive in your mailbox at home. Similar to this, sending out a "Tip of the Month" can be an effective way to consistently engage consumers. For over six months now, we've been curating and sending out these monthly tips to each home owner in the town I live. Each tip offers something fresh and insightful  keeping the consumer engaged and eager to learn more.

Enhance your value proposition by offering valuable market updates on pertinent topics. Whether it's a comparison of home prices between August 2023 and the previous year, buyer and seller tips, maintenance advice, or recommendations for service providers, these insights cater to your audience's interests. A clever addition to these updates is the incorporation of QR codes on the backside. By scanning these codes, your audience can seamlessly access video content related to that month's topic. This video content could range from property highlights, success stories, or informative testimonials.

Creating compelling video content is only part of the equation; ensuring it gets watched is where the real magic happens. To entice your audience, craft captivating headlines and strong calls to action. Encourage them to scan the QR code, leading them to your YouTube channel or website where they can explore your insightful content.

Consistency is key. Whether you're catering to buyers, sellers, or simply updating on market trends, maintaining a steady stream of educational content fosters lasting relationships with your audience. Remember, it's not just about creating content, but guiding your audience towards it. Redirect them to your blog, website, or YouTube channel through well-placed QR codes or links. This approach ensures that your audience not only accesses your content but becomes immersed in your brand.

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Michael LaFido
Founder & CEO | Luxury Listing Specialist Designation (LUXE)

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