Sellers have two options when they go to market their home:

Option A is marketing their home to a smaller pool of buyers who have their same tastes. This includes a similarity in tastes when it comes to decorating, window treatments, wallpaper, furniture arrangements, and so on. This involves a minimal amount of work, since the seller depends on their buyer wanting to do pretty much the same thing with the home once they buy it.

Option B is making their home more neutral so as to appeal to a larger pool of buyers. Only 10% of buyers can visualize themselves living in the home by looking past its current decor. Unfortunately, 90% (including buyer’s agents) can only see the home the way that it’s presented online. 

Option B is why we stage our homes. Barb Schwartz, who many call the founder of staging, defines the act of staging as “arranging a home such that a buyer can visualize themselves living there,” so the process helps to fill the gaps in homebuyers’ imaginations. 

For agents with our certification, we’ve put together 17 books in two volumes on before-and-after marketing, which cover common situations that real estate agents may run into with taste-specific homeowners. 

“Only 10% of buyers can visualize themselves living in the home by looking past its current decor.”

Are you familiar with Rayna James or her hit show “Nashville”? The home featured was built in 1999 and was decorated according to her tastes. We did some digital renovations on it to help it show in a more neutral light. We also worked on a French Country home, a very ornate property with a lot of Italian Murano glass. We did a number of small renovations to make it appeal to a larger pool of buyers.

There are four primary price points in every market: entry-level priced homes, average priced homes, high-end homes (which are defined as 2x the average sales price for that market), and then luxury homes (which are defined as 3x the average sales price for that market). If you’re looking to work smarter instead of harder, to increase your average sales price, and to add more high-end luxury homes to your sold portfolio, you should consider our ‘Luxury Listing Special Certification’ (LUXE), To find out more information on LUXE visit,

If you have any questions about becoming certified to sell luxury homes, please reach out to me. I’d be glad to help you.
Michael LaFido
Founder & CEO | Luxury Listing Specialist Designation (LUXE)

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