When you’re about to meet with a potential client, it’s important that you’re able to offer three types of listing presentations instead of a one-size-fits-all presentation—whether you’re working with a buyer or seller. 

Before you meet with your client, though, you need to do what we call the “social media scrub” (which I talked about in a previous video) and do your due diligence on that client ahead of time to find similar likes and interests. 

The other reason you do this is to figure out what their personality type is. For agents who have our certification, we offer our Prospective Seller Application that takes care of this for them. It fills you in on their motivation, personality type, method of communication, and expectations of you as their agent. If you’d like to know more about this application, check out our LUXE program. 

“Shy real estate agents have skinny kids.”

In any case, you need three types of presentations—each one adapted to whichever DiSC personality you’re dealing with. 

For example, if you’ll be sitting across the table from a “D” or “I”  personality, they’ll likely be fast-paced and all about the bottom line (i.e., what you charge), so don’t pull out your laptop and start with a 100-point PowerPoint presentation, because you’ll probably lose them. In this case, you need a fast-paced presentation. On the other hand, you’ll need a slower presentation for an “S” or “C” personality. 

Most agents qualify as an “I” personality. As the old adage goes, “Shy real estate agents have skinny kids,” meaning you can’t be shy in this industry. 

So essentially, you can either have a fast-paced, slower-paced, or mixed presentation. If you’re unfamiliar with the DiSC personality profile or you’d like to take the DiSC test yourself, click on this link.

In the meantime, the simplest way I can explain different DiSC personalities is by using the airport metaphor—or how each personality type would act if they were running late to catch a plane. 

“D”: This person would be cutting people off in traffic because they’re so focused. They can come across as harsh, but that’s because they’re worried about results. 
“I”: This person is the life of the party. They would talk themselves onto the plane because they’re so likable.
“S”: This person is the steady type who doesn’t speak much and is a great listener but often can’t make a decision to save their lives. When they show up at the airport, they miss their plane because they don’t want to speak up, cut in line, or ruin anyone else’s day. 
“C”: This person is the left-brained, analytical type who shows up at the airport two hours early so they don’t have to run to catch a plane. 

As always, if you have questions about this or any other real estate topic, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to help you.
Michael LaFido
Founder & CEO | Luxury Listing Specialist Designation (LUXE)

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