If you want to increase conversion among potential clients, you must be more likable.




How do you increase the conversion of potential clients?

The answer, sometimes, is so simple that we forget about it: be more likable. 

On that note, I’d like to share a quote you have heard from Theodore Roosevelt : “Nobody cares how much you know, until they know you care.”

When you have an appointment, do your research and due diligence on your potential client. Look them up on social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn and find out what their likes and interests are. In other words, find a commonality. Perhaps you both went to the same college or drive a Harley-Davidson. 

“Go make someone’s day!“

Also, be sincere and in the moment. Don’t be in full “presentation mode” and always thinking about what you’ll say next. 

For example, I recently went on a listing appointment for a property worth $4 million, and I brought along an agent who was thinking about joining my team. I’m a high “D” on the DISC personality spectrum, and this appointment took about two and a half hours. After we were done, I sat down with that agent and asked whether she had any questions about what I did or didn’t say. She brought up the fact that I never went into my presentation, and I told her that was because I knew the seller’s personality type before the appointment, and I presented it to them in a way that they wanted to listen to. 

So go make someone’s day! Smile more and smell the roses; life’s too short not to. Post more material on your social media feed that’s uplifting instead of divisive. Remember, someone once asked Michael Jordan why he doesn’t talk politics. His response? “Republicans buy sneakers too.” 

That is to say, republicans, democrats, and independents buy and sell luxury homes, average-priced homes, and starter homes. 

As always, if you have questions about this or any real estate topic, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’m happy to help. Lastly, remember that our brand-new website is out, and we just released our 130-page training manual that all agents can get by attending one of our Luxe Live courses.
Michael LaFido
Founder & CEO | Luxury Listing Specialist Designation (LUXE)

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