Today I’ll discuss a digital marketing strategy for an industry that’s gone digital: the drive-by open house.

Hope you are staying healthy and positive. As you know, in light of the coronavirus pandemic, real estate has gone digital, and today I want to discuss an important digital marketing strategy: the drive-by open house. This isn’t a new concept, but it might be new for most of you out there. 

Last year, we sold a luxury property through a luxury auction company called Concierge Auctions, and we had drive-by open houses that resulted in a bump in online activity. When you generate more clicks and views, you increase the probability of more qualified showings. 

A prerequisite of drive-by open houses is having amazing online photos and descriptions. We’re in a smartphone industry; you want everyone “liking” or “loving” your properties on social media and sharing them with friends. 

“When you generate more clicks and views, you increase the probability of more qualified showings.“

The drive-by open house concept doesn’t just work with vacant land or to-be-built properties in new subdivisions (and it does work really well there). It also works with existing homes you’re marketing. In this case, I recommend placing a sign in front of the home referring buyers to the single-property website and encouraging them to browse any photos, videos, virtual walk-throughs, etc. 

Also, if it’s an occupied home, let the owners know that there will be a drive-by open house so that they can perhaps make plans to not be there while it’s happening. Otherwise, they may have to answer a lot of ringing doorbells. You can also make yourself available during the drive-by open house. You can either be there in case people drive by or make your contact information available so you can be there in a heartbeat in case someone calls or texts. 

We just launched a subdivision for a national brokerage where 90% of the homes are to be built, and we’re scheduling daily drive-by open houses to amp up online activity. Again, this increases the probability that prospective buyers will want to physically walk through the home. 

So to recap: Have a great single-property website for each home, and include amazing online photos, descriptions, and virtual walk-throughs. This strategy will get people talking, but don’t forget that it’s your job to have your seller’s best interest in mind. Explain the pros and cons of this strategy to them, and if the pros outweigh the cons, consider doing it. 

Lastly, remember that this requires specific showing instructions so that people aren’t knocking on doors or missing out on the designated timeline. 

As always, if you have questions about this or any real estate topic, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’m happy to help. Keep raising the bar in real estate!

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Michael LaFido
Founder & CEO | Luxury Listing Specialist Designation (LUXE)

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