When I became a licensed real estate agent in the fall of 2000, I wish someone would have shared with me the three  words of wisdom below.  I would say these three are vital to help a newer agent differentiate themselves and become a consistent top producing agent.

1. Be likable and be you. In this day and age, with so much fake news and everyone trying to be someone they’re not on social media, my advice is to be yourself. As Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman once said, “People would rather do business with someone they like rather than someone they don’t, even if that likable person is offering lower-quality product or service.” So again—be likable (and hopefully you also offer a higher-quality product or service). 

2. Grow your knowledge and your confidence will grow too. Watching educational videos such as this, listening to podcasts, attending events or virtual Zoom training sessions, etc., is how you grow your knowledge. When you grow your knowledge, your confidence follows. When your confidence is higher, you’ll step out of your comfort zone and perhaps shoot your own educational videos, or take an appointment in a ZIP code you’ve never sold before, or go on a high-end luxury listing appointment. I’d rather work with someone who’s confident than someone who isn’t. If you hang out with nine top producers, you’re bound to be the 10th. Remember the old adage: You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with. 

3. Diversify your portfolio of homes you represent. When I first started, many people told me I couldn’t sell luxury real estate until I’d been licensed x amount of years or I had an established track record of selling high-end homes. That’s false—you want to be able to sell entry-level homes, average-priced homes, high-end homes (i.e., 2x the average price), and luxury-priced homes (i.e., 3x the average price) in your market. 

As always, if you have questions about this or any real estate topic, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to speak with you. Also, don’t forget to visit—we have shirts, hoodies, objection-handling playing cards, and tons of other cool stuff available. Go make someone’s day! 


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