Why You Need To Verify Buyers

Let’s talk about pre-qualifying buyers for high-end properties. How can you tell if a proof of funds is legitimate? Many agents love to take the easy way out and take other agents or buyers at their word, but as a luxury marketing (listing) agent, you have a fiduciary responsibility to make sure that pre-qualified people are coming through the door, especially with these multi-million dollar properties. What you should do is trust…. but verify. 

Recently, I got a showing request for a $6.5 million listing, and it came with a letter that immediately sent up red flags. There was no official letterhead, no website, and the email address was a simple Gmail account. I let the agent know ahead of time that I’d be verifying and contacting them person on the letter.

I tell buyer’s agents all the time to provide us with proof of funds or a bank statement. Whatever they provide me, I’ll call to verify that it’s legitimate. If the agent doesn’t want to provide that because their client is a big-name celebrity, I’m happy to sign an NDA so that I can do my due diligence. However, make sure you’re consistent with this or you could run into Fair Housing issues.  If a buyer calls me directly and doesnt want to provide that….they most likely are not qualified.

As an agent, there’s a lot you can do to build credibility on your own. One of the fastest ways to become a leading authority is by writing a book. The second fastest way is to do a lot of public speaking. The third fastest way is to borrow someone else’s credibility from your office or team until you have your own track record.

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Michael LaFido
Founder & CEO | Luxury Listing Specialist Designation (LUXE)

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