What Do You Need To Start Or Differentiate Your Luxury Division?

If you’re looking to increase the number of high-end and luxury transactions for your office, team, or individual sales then having a strong luxury division is not optional.  What does a strong, dedicated luxury division look like, though?

The old way of starting, or unfortunately many brokers’ current luxury divisions (which many franchises still ascribe to), is to just have a different logo for their luxury division or a luxury sign for their offices. That’s not a luxury division and that doesn’t benefit the agents or the consumer.

The new way and true luxury division involves: better training and resources, better-qualified agents, a dedicated luxury division website with only luxury listings, and, perhaps, a prerequisite for agents to quality to be listed as a luxury agent in your office.  Many of our clients require their agents have the Luxury Listing Specialist Certification (LUXE) or another strong luxury certification before that agent can be listed on their luxury division directory or website. That’s what a strong luxury division is all about—giving your agents an advantage through better training and resources over other agents and brokerages in your area when selling high-end properties.

“That’s what a strong luxury division is all about—giving your agents an advantage over other firms in your area when selling high-end properties.”

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