Q: Are You Empathetic to Your Clients?

Part of being a good agent is being empathetic to your clients.

Today’s topic is empathy—or more specifically, having empathy for your clients. 

I think I’m pretty empathetic and understanding of the stress of buying or selling a home, and if you’ve done this recently, it only heightens your awareness of certain things. You see, there’s a part of your brain called the reticular activator that activates your awareness of various stimuli. Pregnant women notice other pregnant women, new car buyers notice other new cars on the road, etc.

Well, guess what? My wife and I recently sold the home we lived in for the past 16½ years; going through that process with three kids and two COVID puppies made me even more empathetic to sellers and everything they go through (keeping the house clean, wanting immediate feedback, etc.). 

So, as a simple reminder: Make sure that you as an agent are empathetic to your buyers and sellers. 

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