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Creating MLS Remarks For Luxury Listings That “Stand Out”!

Here’s how you can effectively fill out the remarks section.

Q: How Can You Leverage Price Per Square Foot?

Here’s how you can leverage price per square foot for high-end luxury properties.

Q: Is Your Database Segmented Properly?

In order to increase your business, your database should be segmented.

How To Get In With Builders & Developers

Doing business with builders and developers is a long-term investment.

Q: Why Is It So Important to Understand SALT’s Impact on Luxury Homes?

It’s important to understand the impact SALT has had on luxury homes. State and local taxes have been impacting luxury home sales the most, but have also effected…
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Q: How Do You Secure That First “Trophy Listing”?

Here are some tips on how to think big and win big listings.

Q: What’s All the Buzz About The 1st Ever Virtual Luxury Designation Training?

Here’s everything you need to know about the industry historic event! We’re excited to announce that we’re offering the first-ever virtual, interactive, global luxury designation…
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Key Components of a Successful Online Marketing Strategy

Now more than ever, you need an STRONG online marketing strategy. Here’s how to build one. With the coronavirus shutting everything down, having a STRONG…
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3 Reasons Why Homes Don’t Sell

Here’s three fundamental reasons why a property lingers too long on the market.

Make the Agent Feel like a Rockstar

In this week’s video, I’ll discuss how you, as a listing agent, can make the buyer’s agent feel like a rockstar