Q: Is an Auction a Good Option for You?

Today I’m sharing the details about one of our no-reserve auctions.

Today I’m sharing a bit about a no-reserve luxury auction we’re currently executing. We have a client who is marketing his home at $3.5 million. He’s not a desperate seller; he owns multiple properties, but he lives an hour outside of Chicago and wants to create urgency for the home. He’s elected to bring in an auction company: Concierge Auctions. Visit their website to learn more about what they do. 

A no-reserve auction is a great option if your seller is more motivated by time than money.

This will be a no-reserve auction, so the buyers have to provide proof of funds and put down $100,000 to partake in it. However, if they don’t win, they get that money back. We’re doing tons of digital marketing and by-appointment walk-throughs. We’ll keep you posted about this auction.

If you have a very unique, high-end property and a seller more motivated by time than getting the very highest dollar, then an auction is an excellent option. I’d be glad to have a discussion with you about it. I’ve done a lot of due diligence on the various auction companies, and I’m well-versed in luxury auctions. 

Call or email me if you have any questions about auctions or luxury listings. I’d love to help you. Remember to keep raising the bar in real estate!

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