How You Can You Position Yourself As An “Expert” With Content Marketing

One of the chief strategies for attracting more clients to your business is through content marketing, and that’s the topic for discussion today. 

Content marketing can be defined in a few different ways; it can take the form of educational videos that you promote on your YouTube channel, blog, or website, or maybe you write articles for outside publications or your own blog and/or website that is oriented toward your subject matter.  

Whichever form it takes, it should demonstrate the extent of your knowledge to consumers. 

Let’s consider some examples centered around content marketing: 

  • Tips for buyers 
  • Tips for sellers 
  • Real estate market updates 
  • Commonly asked questions that you, as the agent, receive
  • Specific neighborhood highlights 

Effectively leveraging content marketing through any of these avenues will position you as a leading authority in your given market. To that end, having a presence on social media or anywhere online will naturally magnetize people in your market to you.  

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