How to Provide the Ritz Carlton Experience for Agents and Their Buyer

Luxury listings attract luxury buyers with both luxury tastes and high expectations of the “luxury experience”. That’s why you need to create a Ritz Carlton experience for the buyers and their agent.

When an agent and their buyer come through one of your listings, you’ll want to give both of them a Ritz Carlton experience.

Recently we had a big showing on a $2.5-million listing. We went to work well beforehand by asking the buyer’s agent questions about their client and what they were looking for in a property. The home has an amazing wine room and humidor, so we asked the agent if that was something her buyer was interested in. She said yes. 

Buyers buy based on emotion no matter the price range.

We also did some due diligence on the buyer because we’re required to have their name and proof of funds. We did some extra research on their likes, interests, and tried to learn as much information as we could. 

They were a relocation buyer and seeing six other properties on the same day as our listing. We made sure we “stood out” by giving them a gift on their way out – some nice bottles of wine and even Cuban cigars. Even high net worth individuals like this appreciate gifts that match their tastes. Buyers buy based on emotion no matter the price range.

The Ritz Carlton Experience is about making the “experience” as wonderful as possible to buyers and their agents.

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  1. Swag always sends the message we know who our client is and what they like. Great reminder!

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