How to Network With High-Earners & Influencers

To find success, agents need to find ways to network with high net-worth individuals. We have a strategy to help with that.

The whole premise behind the LUXE Networking Group is that you, as an agent, bring value to influencers in your community—after all, the best way to get referrals is to give referrals. In that way, we gather together groups of growth-minded business people so that we can share referrals amongst each other and broaden our individual networks. 

Here are the steps to making such a networking group a success:

  • Decide how often to meet. While some groups meet bi-weekly, we recommend once a month
  • Pick a day of the week. It’s a good idea to schedule the meeting on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday in the early afternoon or evening.
  • Pick a location. We recommend rotating locations each time you meet.
  • Keep it simple. Be consistent with your meetings.
  • Send out monthly reminders.

Start each meeting by having each attendee share their three big bullet points:

  • Who they are, what they do, and something unique about them
  • What is working in the business
  • Who they would like to meet or need help with an introduction to

Once each person has shared their bullets, encourage them to ask questions, exchange business cards with people they’re interested in networking with, and to refer others who might benefit from the group. These networking opportunities are great ways to get contacts outside the real estate industry and to penetrate the circle of trust of high net-worth individuals.

For more information on the LUXE Networking Group, visit www.luxurylistingspecialist.com or reach out to me by phone or email. I’d love to discuss further strategies for positioning agents in front of the ideal client base. Until then, go out and make somebody’s day!

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  1. Excellent checklist on how to start a monthly networking group. You map out the basic fundamentals of what a productive networking gathering looks like. Gracias!

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