Positioning, Process, and Price

Remember the three p’s of selling: positioning, process, and price.

15 Benefits Of Buying in This Market

Here are 15 benefits you can tell your buyers about our current market.

Why Create “Before and After” Case Study Books?

Why “Before and After” pictures can help you sell your listings for more money!

The 5 Senses When Listing a Home

Be aware of how a house will affect the average buyer’s five senses. When you represent a seller, it’s sometimes difficult to be honest and…
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Realtors: Should You Keep a Home on the Market Now During “The Slower Season”?

As a listing agent, should you encourage your current sellers to keep their homes on the market during the “off season months” of the year?…
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The Difference Between a Buyer’s and Seller’s Market

Here’s how to determine if we’re in a buyer’s, seller’s, or normal market.

Creating Powerful Visuals With “Before and After” Pictures

Do you have “Before and After” pictures? I am sure you have shown homes that didn’t appeal to your buyers. What can you do to ensure a larger percent of buyers choose your listings over the competition? As an agent, you should be continually building your portfolio of “Before and After” picutures so you can show prospective clients how you have turned homes around and helped the sellers get more profit from their sales. To hear more about how to do this well, watch my latest video.

Keep Your Clients Engaged With These 3 Easy Tips

What’s the best way to keep your clients engaged? I’m not just referring to your clients leaving likes and comments on your social media posts—I mean engagement that generates action and lands you leads. In real estate, the more engaging you are, the higher the chances of people reaching out to you. So what can you do to engage your clients authentically? To learn what you need to do, watch this short video.

3 Great Reasons To Use Land Trusts

Have you told your clients about the benefits of title-holding land trusts? Part of our job as real estate agents is educating our clients.

Helping Your Sellers Get Top Dollar in a “Cooling” Market

How can you help your seller clients get top dollar for their home?

Explaining Price Reductions To Your Clients

Our market still has fewer price reductions than the historical average.

Benefits Of Attending A LUXE Designation Event

Recapping my latest luxury listing specialist event at Medinah.

What Is Repetitive Engagement?

Today I want to talk about a term you might not have heard before: repetitive engagement. As a real estate agent, you need to be…
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Leveraging Other People’s Properties (OPP)

Here are three methods you can use to position yourself as an expert by leveraging other people’s properties.

Is There a “Language Of Luxury?”

You don’t need a special secret language to become a luxury agent.

The 5 Price Points In Some Markets

In most real estate markets, there are four primary price points. However, there’s a fifth price point that isn’t present in many markets: ultra-luxury. Today…
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Simple Reminder to Read the Contract

In this week’s video, we’re going to be talking about reading the contract. When a home is under contract, you don’t want to make the…
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Why You Need To Verify Buyers

Let’s talk about pre-qualifying buyers for high-end properties. How can you tell if a proof of funds is legitimate? Many agents love to take the…
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Evergreen Videos: Under Contract, Next Steps?

As an agent, you’re always trying to bring additional value to your database.

Agents Should Understand Crypto & Real Estate Transactions

Recently, I was teaching our Luxury Designation (LUXE) in Denver, and a guest speaker at the event brought up the topic of Cryptocurrency and the…
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Why The Order of Your Listings Photos Matter

How do you determine which order to put a listing’s photos in? Today I’ll talk about photo order for online listings. Real estate school doesn’t…
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Why Are Love Letters Risky to Sellers?

Have you represented a buyer in a multiple-offer situation who wanted to write their seller a letter about why they should pick them? We call…
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Creating MLS Remarks For Luxury Listings That “Stand Out”!

Here’s how you can effectively fill out the remarks section.

How Do You Handle an Appraisal Gap?

Here’s what you need to know about appraisal gaps in our current market.

What Does 2022 Have In Store For The Luxury Real Estate Market?

Here’s what you need to know about the future of 2022’s market.

Should home sellers list in the winter or wait until Spring?

Here’s why I believe there’s no time like the present to list a home. Now that we’re approaching the end of 2021, some of your…
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Differences Between Marketing Agents & Listing Agents

How do marketing agents differ from listing agents?

Is Being Likable More Important Than Experience In Luxury Real Estate?

In real estate, being likable is very important to your success.

Videos Net You A Better ROI²: Here’s How

Here’s why and how you should be using video to grow your business.

A “Fresh Eyes Analysis” Helps The Home “Stand Out” Versus The Competition

Get a fresh set of eyes to look at your listings before they go live.

Leverage Other People’s Properties to Expand Your Luxury Real Estate Business

Here’s how you can break into the luxury market by using other people’s properties. Many up-and-coming Realtors often ask me about how they can break…
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We’re Doing Live Events Once Again!

We’re hosting live events again, and our most recent gatherings have been fantastic! I’m happy to announce that we’ve begun doing live events once again. At…
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Migration Patterns and Luxury Real Estate

What do migration patterns have to do with luxury real estate? Many things, actually, starting with the fact that knowing where people are moving to and fro in relation to your market is extremely important for developing relationships with other luxury listing agents around the country. When you know that a large number of people are moving to a specific city or state from your market, you’re in a much better position to offer value to them by recommending a LUXE agent with a proven track record. To learn more, watch this short video.

Getting Your Hands Dirty for Your Clients

Sometimes as an agent, you have to get your hands dirty for your clients.

The Value of Staying Top of Mind

In this week’s message, I’d like to talk about the power of second chances.

Become A Certified Diversity Specialist (CDS)

Here’s what my new CDS designation means.

How to Get a Head Start on Your 2021 & 2022 Luxury Real Estate Business

I have some advice for any agent looking to start off strong in 2021.

Q: Are You Empathetic to Your Clients?

The agent you hire to buy or sell a home must be empathetic to your situation.

3 Things I Wish I’d Known 20 Years Ago As A New Agent

Here’s some wisdom I wish I knew when I started my real estate career.

Q : How Do You Create Luxury “Lifestyle” Videos?

A luxury lifestyle video can be a huge factor in a sale. Here’s why.

Q: How Can You Leverage Price Per Square Foot?

Here’s how you can leverage price per square foot for high-end luxury properties.

Q: Is an Auction a Good Option for You?

Today I’m sharing the details about one of our no-reserve auctions.

Q: How Has COVID Affected the Luxury Market?

Post-COVID, the residential suburban market is booming.

Q: Is Your Database Segmented Properly?

In order to increase your business, your database should be segmented.

Q: Why Should Buyers Seek Out the CLUE Report in All Transactions?

The CLUE report is an important document for buyers and sellers.

How To Get In With Builders & Developers

Doing business with builders and developers is a long-term investment.

Q: Why Is It So Important to Understand SALT’s Impact on Luxury Homes?

It’s important to understand the impact SALT has had on luxury homes. State and local taxes have been impacting luxury home sales the most, but have also effected…
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Q: How Do You Secure That First “Trophy Listing”?

Here are some tips on how to think big and win big listings.

Q: What’s All the Buzz About The 1st Ever Virtual Luxury Designation Training?

Here’s everything you need to know about the industry historic event! We’re excited to announce that we’re offering the first-ever virtual, interactive, global luxury designation…
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Key Components of a Successful Online Marketing Strategy

Now more than ever, you need an STRONG online marketing strategy. Here’s how to build one. With the coronavirus shutting everything down, having a STRONG…
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50% chance to sell during Covid-19 or a 0% chance—which sounds better?

Last week I had Anne Miller on our Luxury Lunch & Learn, and she highlighted the fact that now more than ever we must make…
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Get More Qualified Showings With Drive-by Open Houses

Today I’ll discuss a digital marketing strategy for an industry that’s gone digital: the drive-by open house. Hope you are staying healthy and positive. As…
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Why Having a Luxury Division Is so Important

Even if yours is a flat-fee model, having a luxury division is instrumental to growing your brand. Here’s what I mean. Whether you’re a team…
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One Simple Rule to Remember to Increase Your Conversion

If you want to increase conversion among potential clients, you must be more likable. How do you increase the conversion of potential clients? The answer,…
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No Regrets…

Today I’m using my own anniversary to help inspire you to follow your dreams and double down on your goals even during these uncertain times.…
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How to Network With High-Earners & Influencers

To find success, agents need to find ways to network with high net-worth individuals. We have a strategy to help with that. The whole premise…
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How to Provide the Ritz Carlton Experience for Agents and Their Buyer

Luxury listings attract luxury buyers with both luxury tastes and high expectations of the “luxury experience”. That’s why you need to create a Ritz Carlton…
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Garbage In, Garbage___?

Your environment plays a key role in shaping you and your production as an agent.

3 Reasons Why Homes Don’t Sell

Here’s three fundamental reasons why a property lingers too long on the market.

Make the Agent Feel like a Rockstar

In this week’s video, I’ll discuss how you, as a listing agent, can make the buyer’s agent feel like a rockstar

What To Look For In Our Luxury Market In 2020

In a short time, we’ll be celebrating the new year, and I want to wish you a happy holiday season. As we approach 2020, I…
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How To Overcome The “Not Ready To Sell Now” Objection

In this week’s video, we’ll discuss some common objections that you as an agent have to overcome when you go on a listing appointment.  I…
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“Outside the Box” Marketing with Exotic Car Club

Today we’re discussing the gravity of event-based marketing at your luxury properties. Great marketing can make all the difference to your sale. You need to…
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What You’ll Gain By Strengthening Your Mindset

What are you doing to strengthen your mindset? Do we get kicked in the shins every once in a while in this business? In other…
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The Importance of Having 3 Types of Listing Presentations

When you’re about to meet with a potential client, it’s important that you’re able to offer three types of listing presentations instead of a one-size-fits-all presentation—whether…
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How a Social Media Scrub Will Help You Get More Listings

If you’re working with a potential prospect, how can you make sure that you’re prepared for your appointment? We’ll take a closer look at that…
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Why You Should Consider Offering Owner Financing

When I used to think about owner financing, I thought, “Why would you offer it? You’re going to get lower, non-qualified buyers with bad credit!”…
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Luxury Homeowners Can Play a Huge Part In Marketing Their Own Home For Sale

In this week’s article, we’re going to talk about how you can help your home sellers become the inside sales force for you to get…
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A Guide To Circle Prospecting Around Your Listings

Suppose you have a listing, be it entry-level or high-end: What can you do to get the word out about it to the neighborhood? That…
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Should “Live” Videos Be Part of Your Marketing Plan?

Today we’re going to talk about “live” videos and why you should be incorporating them into your business. I’m excited to show you some examples…
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How to Tackle the “Elephant in the Room” in Your Listings

It’s time to address the “elephant in the room” within your listings or potential listings. And it doesn’t have to be an elephant. It could…
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How You Can Earn 30% More Over the Next Year

Imagine, for a second, that you won the lottery. If you were to then speak to your financial advisor, they’d probably advise you to diversify…
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Know Who Your Home’s Buyer Is Before You Go to Market

Who is your buyer? When asking this question, I like to use the term “avatar” in reference to the buyer. As a listing agent, you…
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The Power of “Before and After” Marketing

Sellers have two options when they go to market their home: Option A is marketing their home to a smaller pool of buyers who have…
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Building Your Brand, Both Online and Offline

How do you build your brand? In previous videos, we talked about developing a unique selling proposition, but today we’re talking about building a brand both…
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Triple Ending Deals in the Luxury Market

Using pocket listings and coming-soon listings is a great way to create urgency and help your clients net more money. For the listing agent, this…
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How You Can You Position Yourself As An “Expert” With Content Marketing

One of the chief strategies for attracting more clients to your business is through content marketing, and that’s the topic for discussion today.  Content marketing can…
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How to Leverage the Power of Demonstration

What is the power of demonstration? I could think of a few real-world examples. Imagine the last late-night infomercial you might have seen, or an…
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The Key to Crafting a Unique Value Proposition

To be a successful agent, it’s very important that you develop a unique value proposition. What’s a unique value proposition? It’s a simple, concise statement that…
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Learn The Insider Secrets From A Luxury Appraiser

Appraisals are absolutely critical in the luxury market, and this is exactly why we recently met with luxury appraiser Mark Morgan for a conversation on…
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Introducing the Luxury Rockstar Package

What’s the quickest way to gain credibility? We believe it’s through authorship, and today we’ll show you how you can become an author through our…
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Reflecting on Our Progress in 2018

We had a lot of things to be thankful for in 2018. We made great strides and continued to raise the bar in real estate…
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What Do You Need To Start Or Differentiate Your Luxury Division?

If you’re looking to increase the number of high-end and luxury transactions for your office, team, or individual sales then having a strong luxury division…
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Are You Up to the Challenge of Spreading Positivity This Holiday Se…

The leaves are changing, the holidays are approaching, and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Right now is the perfect time to reflect on what…
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How Can You Double Your Real Estate Income in 90 Days?

Many agents are looking for that magic pill. However, success comes down to blocking and tackling those x’s and o’s. These are the three fastest…
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Need to Promote a High-End or Luxury Home? Try Event-Based Marketing

When it comes time to list a high-end or luxury property, event-based marketing is an extremely effective selling strategy. High-end homes, defined as those valued…
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Never Talk Price on a Luxury Listing Appointment

When you go on a listing appointment for a unique luxury property that’s not located in a cookie-cutter neighborhood, never talk price. The old way to…
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How to Overcome the Difficulties of Pricing High-End Homes

Luxury homes, defined as those which are at least three times the average sales price for a given market, can be difficult to price. As…
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Sellers: Don’t Make This Common Mistake

Right now, we’re in the prime selling season here in Chicago. But, if you have plans to put your home on the market, there is…
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Can You Name the 4 Price Points in Your Market?

No matter where you live, there are four price points in every market. When I say price points, I don’t mean rental pricing—I mean the…
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The New Approach to Selling Your Luxury Listings

Today we are going to talk about a different approach to getting your stale listing sold. If you have a listing that is not getting…
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Want to Be More Productive? Put Down the Smartphone

As a real estate agent, a team leader, and a broker-owner, being productive is essential to getting more out of your day and helping people…
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All Your Real Estate Photography Needs Are About to Be Met

Professional photography is an incredibly important element in any real estate transaction, but especially when it comes to the luxury market. And today’s special guest…
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4 Statistics Agents in the Luxury Market Must Know

There are four vital statistics that every agent needs to know when selling luxury properties. Understand what luxury home prices start at in your market. I…
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Use the Season to Your Advantage: Take Your Home Photos Now

Today I’d like to talk about the importance of taking photos of the outside of your house now if you’re thinking of selling in the…
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Using Art to Market Luxury Homes

In the video above which is geared more towards real estate agents, you will see an amazing property that we are marketing right now at…
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What Can Matched Pairs Tell Us About Resale Value When Selling A Home?

Matched pairs is a term you probably haven’t heard of. If you’re thinking of selling your home, it’s always wise to consider making improvements and…
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The New Age of Real Estate Marketing

Chicagoland Real Estate Expert discusses how current real estate trends are doing in the local area.